Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Get out and...

Stop drinking bottled beer, not vote asshole. I may complain about politics all the time, but in an effort to remain 0-0 in jury duty and never find out if I have the skills at being fake-racist, I have so far refused to register as an NYC voter. Westchester County apparently just doesn't get it, and I'm gonna remain on their voter logs for as long as they don't send me a summons. So I complain about rednecks and pissed of Muslims all the time, right? Well what's the excuse for these sign-waving dingbats? Do they also not have jobs that they need to support their favorite losers on election day? Get a life asswipes, although I do hope that that other guy in Virginia loses to Webb.

Now back to the lack of bottled beer. In an attempt not to plagiarize the findings of others, I will provide you the link to Michigan Zone, where they very eloquently explain how retarded the people of Columbus, Ohio are. Almost got into trouble on Saturday by overlooking Ball [Sac] State, but for me to attempt to worry about Indiana when the people of Ohio (except for Tim Timmmayyy) are so goddam stupid that it requires more than one week's worth of ripping on them before the big game, well that should come as no surprise.

Just one quote though, then the rest of the commentary is up to MZone:
"Our students drink cheap beer, so the foreign beers are not a problem," [said Willie Young, Director of off-campus student services]. "You never see those bottles in the neighborhood."

Self-loathing Jews have never been my type, but self-loving white trash dbags really rub me the wrong way. The Daily Show also does a good job of embracing the UM OSU rivalry, so be sure to check out the clip up on MZone as well.

In a non-Mzone related piece of Columbus trashdom, the "related" links under the DS YouTube clip have a link to a 6 minute flick about the awesomeness that is Ohio State fandom. This is from 2002 when they ended up winning the national championship, I only wish I could say that it was from a bad season when they didn't even care, but maybe this is them at their worst afterall


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