Thursday, November 08, 2007

Minskoff Puffer

After the Jew formerly known as the Single Jew sent me one amazing link and I sent it to everyone I could possibly think of, I just can't help myself by making it a posting.

What happens when Phil & Friends meet Mufasa and Simba? Well, obviously, "'LION King' audiences at the Minskoff have been sniffing the sweet scent of marijuana. It turns out the pot-head fans of former Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh, who's doing a nine-day stint at the Nokia Theater next door, were lighting up"

It shouldn't necessarily "turn out" that fans of Phil Lesh were lighting up because that is a given, but the fact that it manages to ooze to the Minskoff theater and ruin a perfectly good day for Middle Americans (plus some authentic locals) is awesome. Guess we lefties just lost a few "values" voters to the right wing lunatics who'd rather see their children go without health insurance rather than be exposed to devil weed, but man it's worth it when we get to read about it on Page 6.


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