Friday, October 12, 2007

Let's go Imus on this crazy bitch

In the tradition of appreciating only the controversial material that fits my beliefs, I say it's time to take Anne Coulter down. I don't fully understand what happened yesterday on Donny Deutsch's show, but all I know is that we Jews are about to unleash 1000 Al Sharpton's on this bitch.

No one likes hearing the pundits that offend them, but Anne Coulter is the epitomy of intolerance for anything but her way, so I have no shame in playing the narrow-minded card, as the pundits such as Maureen Dowd and Bill Maher that float my boat preach intolerant points of view that try to force tolerance down the throats of people like Anne Coulter. Being intolerant about intolerance is cool, but Anne Coulter is just intolerant.

As a Jew, I'm totally not offended, partially because I don't understand what she was trying to say, and partially because I like the food and culture but not the religion, and her argument used the word "testament" a few too many times for my liking. What's really dumb of her is that the more religious the American Jew, the higher the chance that they're Republicans strictly because of Israel and foreign policy.

So why she has to go complain that the 2004 Republican Convention in NYC was her utopia that involved a lot of "perfect Jews," (ie. Christians) is pretty dumb. The Iraq War was in full swing and Israel was just a couple years from bombing Lebanon back into the stone age, which are clearly things that get this super evil attractive bitch off at night. Knowing this fact in hindsight, she shouldn't go around bashing the Jews that to an extent carry out activities that are very pro-Republican and pro-Bush, not to mention the fact that without Jews, "perfect Jews" never would have graced God's earth.

If Mel Gibson and a bottle of tequila can cause such an outrage amongst religious Jews and Hollywood Jews, then Anne Coulter and her mouth better go down in flames, and none of this alcohol rehab bullshit. She wasn't drunk on the show and therefore doesn't get to go to rehab to make things right. Just like Hollywood, politics and the media have a disproportionate amount of Jews controlling it, so I expect this bitch to lose a lot more than the scattered newspaper syndications she did when she called John Edwards a fag.

If I was representing the Jews in the racial draft on Dave Chappelle's show, Al Sharpton would be my first pick, but even without him we Jews are going to put her on the cover of crackwhore magazine as the representative of the "perfect Jews" when this is all said and done. Come to think of it, isn't Ted Haggard a member of the "perfect Jew" clan? He's already a crackwhore...


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