Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Don't Become Imus, Eh?

What happens when you take a white Canadian hockey guy and put him in the context of a place with murders and streetball? You get Barry Melrose, ESPN commentator and Newark non-believer, who politely put it that you shouldn't "...go outside if you have a wallet or anything else, because the area around the arena is just horrible," in reference to the Dirty Jers' newest arena for the fledgling Devils.

This could have the makings of a Don Imus if:
(1) Newark Mayor Cory Booker wasn't as light skinned, charming, and friendly as Barack Obama - although he did say of Melrose that he, "welcome[s] him coming to the city so we can dispel his ignorance."
(2) The Don Imus affair turned out to be one dumb mistake by his employer, both in the sheer size of the pending lawsuit and the fact that Imus will be returning to the radiowaves on December 3rd. Next time Imus says something stupid they might want to try waiting for Mr. Sharpton's period to subside and have some hoebag in Hollywood get arrested to distract our attention.
(3) Shit, did I say hoebag?
(4) As Melrose implied, Newark sucks, so not even Al Sharpton cares if there's no establishment to protest. Even Mayor Booker, a promising and hopeful person who lives in the Newark projects to live the plight of his constituents, has been unable to spark life into a city that otherwise is better known for taking life.
(5) Canadian cities don't seem as depressed as America's
(6) I only wish I could convey the Canadian accent in this posting, but the spelling is subtle and it's all in the speak, not the type.
(7) The NHL canceled its season 2 or 3 years ago and is still irrelevant.
(8) Global Warming - or as I now try and say "Climate Change" - is freezing fewer and fewer ponds, thus resulting in fewer and fewer future Barry Melroses

As Barry Melrose moves on from his almost Imus moment, we find ourselves in the middle of a strike by the Writer's Guild Union, or whatever their name is. Stewart, Colbert, Leno, Letterman, etc... are all going into immediate reruns. Leno has supposedly been vocal in supporting his writers, but is someone who gets to go on indefinite vacation allowed to support such a cause?

Other than hosting Fred Thompson's presidential announcement and his tendency to own way too many gas guzzlers, Leno seems like a good guy. Perhaps he's even so passionate about late night TV that he doesn't enjoy vacation, but seriously c'mon. There's no way a writers strike could stop his paycheck from rolling in, reruns or not, plus the fact that NBC is muscling him out for Conan, man this guy must be really happy right now. Perhaps if a bunch of nerdy engineers went on strike I'd be unable to sell their products, but I don't see myself getting that lucky.


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