Thursday, September 20, 2007

Blame Canada?

Ok, so it's officially happened. We've all been making fun of Canadian money for as long as I can remember, that it's toy money, Monopoly money, etc... We even buy books and magazines and other products with special Canadian prices on them, as though they have beady eyes and wobbly heads, haven't apologized for Bryan Adams, and only understand humor within the confines of the bathroom (not the bathroom from my previous post)

So what sort of a crossroads are we talking about? I'm talking about the kind that will get 19 year olds in the state of Michigan to think twice about crossing the border for a superior exchange rate and therefore more dollars to play with, as they can just go to a Detroit Casino if need be. Holy shit Batman, our Canadian dollars are finally worth the same as American dollars. Wait, maybe our American dollars are just as worthless as Canadian dollars, but we might want to think twice about tweaking our humor to avoid comparing our dollar to a state of worthlessness.

Either way, Decider is optimistic about the economy, but Canadian Beasters are now the same price on both sides of the border, so I don't fully agree with the moron. Canada's dollar hasn't been worth the same as our tough guy American dollar since 1976, which I hear wasn't such a pleasant time in our nation's history. Next up, Mexican pesos...


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