Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In Rainbows (of WWI blood)

Bush Urges Panel to Reject Armenian Genocide Measure
I hate agreeing with this guy, but I do. What's the point of appeasing Armenians, whom most of us could not point out in a lineup, about something that happened almost 100 years ago? Why make relations with Turkey more fragile than they are? And why can't the House of Representatives pass a freakin measure denouncing the Darfur genocide, or will that take 100 years and some other spineless political party to make that happen? Seriously, what a waste of time. This is worse than condemning and Rush Limbaugh.

I know it's easy to point to the 12 percent approval rating of Congress, but I'm seriously starting to get behind that, as non-binding resolutions (aka "telling on the President"), endorsing wiretaps because they're afraid of being called pussies, and condemning Iran even though it gives tricky Dicky one more reason to invade have all been pathetic demonstrations of this pathetic Congress. I'm not too sure they can continue with their vaginal tendencies and actually win the 2/3 majorities necessary to override vetoes during the next election cycle. Corrupt and demagogic Republicans are starting to look sexier than whiny pussies worried about WWI genocide.

Anyone else having a hard time getting through Radiohead's site to download the new album? Enough cannot be said about these guys, as 10 days after completing a new album they are offering it for however much you want to pay them. Some people are worried about what it could do to the record companies, but all of those some are people who work for said companies. And what of the R&D budgets of these mega companies, how are they supposed to go find the next new Radiohead if the current Radiohead is killing their profits? Who the fuck cares! All they can find these days is shit I don't listen to, so bravo Radiohead, bravo. What a bunch of crybabies those recording industry execs are, everyone's got problems, they should stop crying already.


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