Thursday, October 04, 2007


Wow I've been a busy man of late, so I'm glad MisterLister has been providing banter, albeit about the disgracefully pathetic Mets. All that can be said has been said, but I'm glad they kept [not as slick as this Willy] Willie Randolph at the helm. Even if drastic changes are needed, New Yorkers are so impatient and often don't know what's best when they're angry at their favorite teams, so other than some serious pitching changes, I don't feel the need for nor confidence in drastic roster changes.

And hey, as long as the Yankees don't win the World Series, us Mets fans will happily admit how good it feels when that happens, despite the fact that gay-Rod might actually not blow it this year and the Yankees are looking slick these days. Oh PS, gotta love the start of the Knicks' season. Attention Cablevision customers, your bills are about to go up because douchebags are in charge of Madison Square Garden. On the topic of bills going up, that Anucha Browne Sanders isn't even remotely attractive enough to be worth $11 million of sexual harassment.

Speaking of pathetic sports, I managed to avoid the subject of my beloved Michigan Wolverines losing to Appalachian State a few weeks ago, so here I am in acknowledging that sad little tidbit. Fortunately, the Big Ten has become super arrogant and has their own network that only DirecTV has so far picked up, so I was too hungover to go to the bar and watch that miserable moment in college football history and got pretty lucky. Other than that, the Big Ten network should go to hell because it is driving their football teams into further obscurity and taking away national exposure, not to mention the fact that it will become a full-time gymnastics channel once the football season is over.

Somewhere along the way Adam's Mad World turned one year old, and since much of last year's fall was dedicated to Michigan football, the combination of them not being as good, me not going to high profile away games, and me sort of having a life, they're just not getting as much love from me this year.

The time of year has come for me to get excited about yet another Vegoose endeavor, and what better a way to remind me of it than finally getting to see Arcade Fire again this weekend, which will be a nice throwback to 2 years ago when I'd never heard of them and they blew my mind in the desert.

Otherwise, some things have really been perplexing me and I'd like to know your thoughts:

-If we always read from left to right and look at things like that subconsciously, then why does the Manhattan Street map read like a prayer book on Rosh Hashonah? Besides Hollywood and money, do the Jews also control the art of cartography?

-Have you ever gone to the change machine at a bank, gotten really excited about the $103.63 in savings that you've accumulated, and then gotten really pissed about the fact that you have 63 cents in your pocket? Why the fuck can't they just keep that shit? And don't even get me started about the fact that I forgot to save quarters for laundry day next week...

-Fact: every failed restaurant on the island of Manhattan becomes a Chase Bank

-It's not supposed to be 85 degrees in October. The Day After Tomorrow is a recent favorite bad movie of mine, and seriously everything in it is turning out to be true. I believe that our atmosphere and climate are quickly spiraling into shit, but that Al Gore's thunder is officially flat and someone like Chuck Norris should take over the initiative.

-I officially despise Microsoft

-I despise the Today Show even more

-There's some other shit too and I'm mad I can't think about it, this is to be continued


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