Monday, September 18, 2006

I already heard Chris Matthews say this, but seriously...

To all you non-angry Muslims, this isn't really directed at you, so please refrain from using the unemployed masses to build an effagy of my beautiful body, soak it in kerosene, and light it up in a blaze of glorious anger.

Here's my lowdown of the situation: Koranic text can and is interpreted (not by all but just enough to cause quite a ruckous in the world these days) as encouraging violence against the infidels, Pope calls the Koran out on that, many Muslims get pissed and react violently. How about writing a constructive criticism about why the Pope is wrong? Oh I know why because he is not, and all you effegy burning mofos out there need to get a friggin job rather than prove the Pope right. As a Jew with a job, I don't have the time to riot every second of the day when my people are offended. When someone calls me a penny pinching bitch, I don't respond by cheaping out on a bill, so maybe next time you can react not by affirming exactly what you are being accused of. If I were a writer for the Onion, the title of my article would be something like "Angry Muslims lack employment, arts and crafts materials." This is exactly the same reaction to the Prophet Muhammed cartoons in which angry fools rioted and burned down embassies because their prophet was depicted in a cartoon, not because their prophet was depicted in a cartoon with a bomb in his head. Get your hypocrisies straight and start building me a mannican of Elaine Bennis, hold the matches and kerosene please.

On a side note, I have been angered by this whole string of events and find myself defending a Pope who spent his promising youthful years...not at summercamp, but as a Hitler youth. I don't care how the parlance of his times may have affected how he chose to spend those days, but this angry, match-lighting, reactionary spree to his comments about the Koran have me baffled that I actually agree with this guy about anything. This is a guy who would like to lead a midnight burglary of the local stem-cell clinic in order to re-insert an aborted fetus into a high school girl, thus putting her ass on the welfare roles in no time, rather than let her finish her education about why gay people aren't so bad after all and may actually have science on their side. This guy's a dick but the people currently calling for his head on a stick should be kicked in the nuts way harder than he needs to be.


Blogger Zryb said...

Do people work in Arab countries? When do they have time to protest, promise jihads on infidels, or burn symbols of the Pope, W, or another symbol of Western culture? How long do you think it took for many Muslims to create a statue of the Pope after he made those comments (which were taken entirely out of context and are rather accurate)? I bet there are factories to create different posters, images, paper-mache manachins of Uncle Sam so the fundamentalists are ready to protest as soon as any type of news breaks. Maybe instead of Siestas, the Arabs have Jihad breaks, when they can protest in the streets after their lunch breaks.

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Blogger Adam said...

Thank you for your participation and comments young sir. Keep it goin and soon enough your anger will rival that of unemployed paper mache effigy builders.

Blogger misterlister said...

For the record, I believe that material is officially known as papier ("pap-ee-ay") mache, with an accent over the e. Is it me, or does that image of the Pontiff bear an uncanny likeness to a member of the KKK?

Blogger Adam said...

Why does the pontiff look like he founded the KKK? Good find misterlister, but these angry protestors shouldn't be giving Pope what's his name so much credit. These guys might even have a better time teaming up with the pontiff and protesting the Scopes Monkey trial


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